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Project - Squared
consists of a game "Squared" and "Squared Engine" game engine. Both of these projects are developed using C# programming language, Microsoft XNA toolset and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Squared Engine

contains number of sub-projects that are used in game development
  • SquaredEngine.Common
  • SquaredEngine.Diagnostics.Debug
  • SquaredEngine.Diagnostics.Log
  • SquaredEngine.Graphics
  • SquaredEngine.Input
  • SquaredEngine.Media
  • SquaredEngine.Network
  • SquaredEngine.Utils.Path.Curves
  • SquaredEngine.Utils.Trees.QuadTree
There are number of GUI tools that are built to cut development time.
Currently there is only one GUI Tool under development
  • SquaredEngine PathEditor
    • SquaredEngine PathEditor Library

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